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About the Artist
Creative Creator and Instigator, Barbarah Hamilton has always been a avid observer, allowing her to experience life to the fullest. Her travels have ranged from Alaskan highway flag person, Naturalist, Mother of two sons, Educator, World traveler, and Soother of souls. Her approach toward life is to look forward to exploring that which you have been through, while always growing and expanding through one's heart in daily lessons.
My dream is to send my healing paintings into the world and to give back to organizations that work on lifting other’s lives back into a positive productive path. The elders have asked me to bring my healing images out into the world. (This is a new, challenging experience for me.) . I believe we are all given an opportunity to change darkness into light. On a painting day, I start my morning with meditation and ask for healing energies to enter the water (I am strongly influenced by Emoto’s studies of water) I paint with spiritual music playing from all walks of life. Much of my work symbolizes the divine feminine.(Sharing week long ceremony with the 13 Grandmothers changed my heart, art, and outlook on life).
I started giving away my healing intention magnets in 2012 and have received such wonderful stories in return. One such story came from a woman fighting breast cancer. She shared that she looks at inner light everyday knowing that she will survive this challenge just like the woman in the painting. There are miracles that reach far beyond any art I have produced. Welcoming light into your lives will spark that magic that has been sleeping within. I am but an instigator, you are the facilitator of the healings*
The signature on my paintings includes a dandelion symbol to remind me of miracles and to stay awake and in service to that of light. Each in our own lives, we witness miracles daily.( The trick is to notice and recognize when they happen) If we live as one people on this earth, how can we not be in service and acknowledge the world as our home.
Excerpts from Within/Without
"... I wake at three am to the sound of my lover's breathing in time with the islands gentle waves; above the stars dance reflected by the undulating surface spread wide before me. Every cell of my being is at peace here....in each of our cells, part of Mother Ocean exists and if we stand still enough and quiet our minds, we begin to sway in tune with that which makes us one people on this shared planet." - Maui  

"... At last her wings are flat and smooth. She starts to beat them slowly like two beautiful fans dancing. A slight breeze almost knocks her from her grip on the branch. She poses with wings open for a moment. Then, within two breaths, she takes flight." - Emerge
With a grateful heart,
I thank you for visiting my site

Barbarah is such a ray of light.  Her connection to Spirit is so deep and transparent it shines through all of her art.  I have her healing paintings throughout my home.  I find myself repeatedly stopping to just take in the peace they bring to me though I have looked at them multiple times before.  What a gift she brings to our hearts.

L.Wood  Richmond,VA

Sending out healing intentions to the human race
one painting at a time.